AGSA March Visit: Bewilderness & Sera Waters

In the story of Australian art, landscape has held more territory than most. Described by art historian Simon Schama as ‘a work of the mind’, landscape is geography, history and nationhood entwined. It is an open space for dreams and arcadian desires, a domain for validating colonial ambition and a potential site for reconciliation.

Showcasing recent acquisitions in painting, printmaking and sculpture, this exhibition considers landscape as a form of representation deeply embedded in questions of identity and belonging. Is landscape an exhausted genre or can it express a new way of being, one that is reconciled with the past yet with a keen eye on our environmental future?

In this second iteration of the Guildhouse Fellowship, South Australian artist Sera Waters imagines a new future for us all – one where ancient textile traditions can craft hope in the face of climate change.

Waters is well known for her revival of endangered ways of making, whereby age-old embroidery techniques are restored to comment on our complex and often confronting colonial histories. In this exhibition, the past paves the way for a new future and by reclaiming the traditions that our great-great-great-grandmothers performed we can move, together, towards an alternative liveable future.


8 Mar 2023


Art Gallery of South Australia, Norther Terrace