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Joe Felber – Abstract Landscapes in Oils/Acrylics: W6 with Joe Felber

This is a 6 week course.

About Joe Felber

Joe Felber is Swiss born, but has resided in Australia for many years.
Joe has a vast art teaching experience, both in various Universities, and private tuition.
He has been collected in many Australian State Galleries, and brings a vast knowledge of different art experiences.

Course description and aims.
• Explore Abstract painting, using three varied approaches:
• Landscape – simplifying the shapes and colour of the landscape
• Abstraction using a grid – use a grid method to rearrange and abstract what you see
• Creating a cubist style work from still life by rearranging form and line.
We’ll spend two weeks on each of the above.
This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists.

Course Materials
• A4 or A3 Journal
• Pencil B2 – B8 or coloured pencil.
• Free choice charcoal compressed
• Colour wheel
• Paints oil or acrylic
• Mont Marte Acrylic Flow Medium 250ml
• Painting palette
• Canvas or board, small (A3) or bigger
• Brushes different sizes
• Rags and a cup plastic ok for water
• Masking tape

To enrol in Joe Felber – Abstract Landscapes in Oils/Acrylics: W6, please contact the tutor liaison.

Maureen Finck



6 Sep 2023
7pm - 9.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$135 Members; $180 Non-Members

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A few Testimonials for Joe’s classes.
“Having enjoyed Joe’s class, I really enjoyed reflecting on how I thought differently about using colour in achieving depth with using a variety of colour. I really enjoyed working with him. Joe’s encouragement gave me a sense of achievement.”

“I really enjoyed his class in 2022. I felt that I gained considerable understanding of what abstraction involves and I followed up on investigating a number of the artists who Joe referenced in the course.”

”I still have the painting which I created in his classes. It has been hanging in my living room all this time and it still brings me joy and inspiration. The classes were a great freeing and learning experience for me when I really needed it.”

“I’ve done Joe’s course twice now and always produce several new works, learn new techniques and have great fun.