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Judith Kittel – Creating with Colour: T1 with Judith Kittel

Judith Kittel combines her passion for art and teaching with her heart for people. She has been teaching for 26 years and has
taught art classes and workshops in Adelaide as well as throughout South Australia, Interstate, and New Zealand. Over the years she has had the privilege to demonstrate art and painting techniques at art shows, art groups, expos and craft fairs. Judith has won a number of awards over the years is a published artist, having had her profile and numerous artworks published in the Folk and Decorative Artist Magazine during her days before making a foray into Fine Art.

This is a 4 week class.

Course Description
“Creating with Colour – learn about Colour and its use – becoming more confident purposeful using colour, not just using colours you like or always use. We’ll touch on the differences between pigments and learn about their characteristics and properties.

2 weeks of ACRYLICS: Lots of helpful points, hints and tips for using colour confidently and with purpose!
We’ll also cover how to use Acrylics like Watercolour and how to choose which acrylics to use for watercolour techniques

2 Weeks of WATERCOLOUR: Discover the magic of watercolour, learn about the characteristics and properties and how to choose and use the colours because of how they work with each other rather than just what colour they are!


ACRYLICS: Artist quality Acrylics are best in whatever brand you prefer
French Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue, Napthol Crimson, Napthol Red Light or another similar warm red,
Transparent Magenta, Lemon Yellow or similar cool yellow, Yellow Deep or another similar warm
yellow, Pthalo Green
WATERCOLOURS: Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose, Cadmium Red or Pyrrol Scarlet, French
Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue –sometimes Pthalo Blue is named by the Brand, eg Winsor Blue,
Schminke Blue.
Yellow Ochre, Hansa or Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow Hue, Burnt Sienna
It’s good to have the watercolours listed above for the 2 weeks of Watercolour learning but acrylics
can be used in a washy way for those who don’t want to buy watercolours
A4 good quality sketching pad, 200 GSM or more (eg. Canson brand)

Your usual painting materials – water pots, water spray, brushes, etc.

To enrol in Judith Kittel – Creating with Colour: T1, please contact the tutor liaison.

Lyn Coad



9 Feb 2023
10am - 12.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$90 Members; $135 Non-Members

Additional information

Judith Kittel’s recently-completed 4-week course provided attendees with a master class in mixing and using colour.
Replete with valuable information, the class was led on an exciting (not to mention colourful) adventure, as we applied our new-found colour theory using acrylic paints in the first fortnight and then watercolour for the following two weeks. Those, like myself, who chose to, also practised using acrylics as if they were watercolour (which is less simple than one might first think!).
Judith left us all with a great store of background reference material to draw on in the future . I thank her particularly for teaching me how to now confidently ‘read’ the labels of the paint tubes I buy!