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Philip David – Portraiture: W4- CANCELLED with Philip David

4 week course

Artist Statement
In these classes, I will endeavour to add adventure and excitement to your portrait journey. If I achieve nothing else in this course but to share my passion and enthusiasm of creating and you catch some of that joy then I will have succeeded.

Course Description
A four-week course exploring portraiture as practiced by various artists in different historical periods.

Course Materials
These items are merely advisory and not compulsory but may help your adventure of the 4 weeks.
1 A3 Art Pad, approx. 150gms Paper or A3 Canvas Pad
• Or Larger as Desired (ie 70×50 or 90×60)
• MDF Board might be an alternative – available at hardware stores
1 Pack of Chalk Pastels (instead of Pencils)
2 Size 24 Flat Brushes
2 Size 16 Flat Brushes
2 Size 6 Flat Brushes
1 Fine 2 Point Brush
2 Untippable Tubs or Jars with Lids, approx 500mls
2 or more large bull-dog style clips
1 thin stiff wood or plastic board to hold A3 page/canvas sheet, approx. 300 x 500mm or larger
Assorted rags to clean brushes
Odourless Turps if using Oils

Paints: Note : 1 tube of each in Acrylic or Oils as preferred

1 tube of each in acrylic:
• Flesh Colour
• Naples Yellow
• Titanium White
• Magenta
• Prussian Blue
• Red Ochre
• Yellow Ochre
And other colours as desired – maybe a greater range of yellows, blues etc.

Course Schedule
In these sessions, we will be exploring 4 exciting portraits.

Lesson 1 – Vincent Van Gogh and his style of portraiture.

Lesson 2 – Paul Gaugin and his style of portraiture.

Lesson 3 – Vanessa Bell (sister of Virginia Wolf) and her style of portraiture during the 1920’s and 30’s.

Lesson 4 – Jenny Saville – a modern day artist who is quite confronting and outrageous but nevertheless eye catching and exciting in her work.

I will supply A3 coloured photos of each portrait at each individual lesson to all students and endeavour to engage through a demonstration in a large scale at intervals during the evening’s session.

To enrol in Philip David – Portraiture: W4- CANCELLED, please contact the tutor liaison.

Lyn Coad



5 Jul 2023
7pm - 9.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$90 Members; $135 Non-Members