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Ricardo Gomez – Life Drawing: M2 with Ricardo Gomez

4 WEEK CLASS – note that as week 4 is Easter Monday it is rescheduled to Monday 17th April.

Ricardo Gomez is a skilled artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academie Minerva in the Netherlands in 2011. Growing more interested in digital format over the years, he has gained experience working on international media projects, where he has been able to showcase his animation and background artistry skills at the South Australian Film Corporation. At the same time, Ricardo continues to pursue his passion for portraiture and has honed his abilities using traditional mediums as graphite and charcoal.

Course Description and Aims:
This course is designed to help you master the art of capturing the human form with precision and
accuracy. You will learn how to tackle proportion, contrast, light, etc, and draw both where the body
is and where it is not. With every class, you will pick up new techniques for highlighting the subtle
nuances and intricate details that bring your artwork to life.
Models will be partially clothed.
Course Materials
1. Drawing paper: This can be a sketchbook or loose sheets of drawing paper.
2. Charcoal and or Graphite pencils: A range of graphite pencils in different hardnesses for
shading and texture.
3. Eraser: like A kneaded eraser and a vinyl eraser.
4. Blending tool: A blending tool, such as a blending stump or your finger, can be used to
soften and blend graphite lines.
5. Sharpener/knife.

To enrol in Ricardo Gomez – Life Drawing: M2, please contact the tutor liaison.

Maureen Finck



20 Mar 2023
10am - 12.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$90 Members: $135 Non-Members. Plus $20 per attendee to cover the cost of the live model.