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Zhu Wei Krstic – Chinese Watercolour Techniques: W2 with Wei Zhu

This very popular course runs for 6 weeks.

About Wei Zhu

Under tutelage of the famous landscape artist Li Runbei (Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute), I was awarded my Fine Arts Degree in the People’s Republic of China.

I am also a member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts and had my works exhibited in the Society’s 2021 ‘Portrait Prize’.

As well as skills in Portraiture, my main interests include Calligraphy and Watercolour painting, in both the Traditional Chinese, and Western styles. I have enjoyed teaching these Chinese Arts for several years at various venues around Adelaide, to students ranging from the very youngest, through to those in their well-deserved retirement.

From the daunting memory of my first bee-sting as an overly inquisitive young girl on Qingxiu Mountain in south west China, insects have remained a cautious curiosity. What is there not to like about their armoured, iridescent colours, their variations in shape, texture and size, and what about those hypnotic, segmented eyes? Cats and dogs have even more layers to them beyond the visual splendour of the butterfly. Cats share ninety percent of their genome with humans, while dogs share a little less.

Perhaps this is why the deep affection in those fleeting frames of unconditional love and longing, emanating from the expressive eyes of these emotionally-honest creatures for their best-human, can help steady even the most grief-stricken soul, in their greatest hour of need.

Course description and aims.
The main objective of this course presented by Ms Zhuo Wei Krstic is to build upon your existing Art skills and techniques, through the introduction of traditional Chinese brush painting techniques and quality media.

Art Tutor Zhuo Wei, will develop your skills in Chinese free-style brush painting, with classic themes and motifs to include goldfish, plum-blossom, birds, insects and selected flowers (time permitting).

You will learn how to resolve each theme into its main components, then apply various brush techniques, inks and watercolours to express sharpness, perspective, dimension, light and shade to bring life to its final character.

By the end of this course, students will be able to combine simple Chinese brush stroke techniques with traditional inks and watercolours to create a number of serene, Chinese brush paintings on rice paper to add to their art portfolios. The benefits of this focussed, yet completely relaxing pursuit of beauty are there for all to enjoy.

Course Materials
The following Chinese brush painting materials can be provided by Zhou Wei for an additional fee of $8/lesson.

– Smaller, (xiao bai yu) brush (stiff animal bristles)
– Larger, (da bai yu) softer brush (soft goat bristles, or mixed animal hair)
– Chinese Calligraphy Drawing Ink (Black 1 x 100mL bottle) and small dish
– Chinese Painting Pigment Water Colour set (12 x 5mL tubes) and white side dish
– Butcher’s paper (20-sheets practice A3)
– Raw Rice paper (10-sheets @ 35cmx24cm for final product)
– Two small plastic water containers
– Absorbent paper towel

Alternatively, ‘Course Material Packs’ consisting of the aforementioned items can be purchased ($60) in advance from the Art Tutor. These are for personal retention and will facilitate valuable after hours ‘technique-refinement’ between weekly classes.

The tutor will need to know course numbers, as well as how many ‘Course Material Packs’ are required well in advanced in order to meet the demand on time.

To enrol in Zhu Wei Krstic – Chinese Watercolour Techniques: W2, please contact the tutor liaison.

Maureen Finck



22 Mar 2023
7pm - 9.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$135 Members; $180 Non-Members