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Magill Sunrise Market, 12th November

COMING SOON. We have booked a stall at the Magill Sunrise Market for Sunday, 12th November with the aim of extending our community presence and to promote BPG, promote work by our members, offer works for sale to the public, and help raise money for BPG by charging a small commission and selling the BPG greeting cards.

This market, organised by the Magill Sunrise Rotary Club, will be held at the Campbelltown Memorial Oval,, 47 Darley Road, Paradise from 9am – 2pm. We invite you to contribute suitable items for sale, eg, your small paintings on canvas or paper or board. In order to protect your work on paper or board, it will need to be mounted (using the mounts available from BPG just as members used at the SALA exhibition.) and preferably protected by a plastic sleeve. BPG will charge 10% commission. You may have other items that you make, eg, earrings, jewellery. Please let Thelma Harvey know if your wish to sell your work at the Market. We are also looking for members to fill a roster to operate the stall. Contact Thelma at

To appeal to customers, we suggest that nothing be priced over $100.