Gallery visit to the Jam Factory

Ernabella Arts Walka Waltja Nganampa: These are our own designs

Walka Waltja Nganampa: These are our own designs showcases ceramics and textiles that serve to strengthen Anangu artists’ connection to their homelands. Through a series of workshops at the Iwiri Wellbeing Centre in Port Adelaide, senior Anangu cultural leaders have shared their inspiring stories rooted in homelands, culture and language with emerging Anangu artists. The exhibited works beautifully capture and convey these stories through intricate walka (marks) adorning textiles and ceramics. By looking back at the artistic practices and craft movements of the APY Lands while also embracing new techniques such as block prints with traditional Tjukurpa narratives, the artists honour their heritage while pushing the boundaries of their art. The project is a creative collaboration between Iwiri and Ku Arts.

Featuring: Milpati (Barbara) Baker, Audrey Brumby, Carolyn Dunn, Janice Ferguson, Tjunkaya Ken, Imuna Kenta, Daisybell Kulyuru, Vera Raymond, Inawinytji Stanley, Janice Stanley, Renita Stanley, Melissa Thompson, Tjinkuma Wells, Tjimpuna Williams and Lena Young.

Presented as part of the 2023 Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art

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Thelma Harvey



27 Oct 2023


Jam Factory, 19 Morphett Street, Adelaide
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