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Bernadette Woodward: Painting Local – Oils and Acrylics: M1 with Bernadette Woodward

This is a 4 week course.


I have been painting, exhibiting and teaching adults and children for many years. My preferred medium to work with is oil but I also use acrylic, collage and watercolour when the mood takes me. My work generally begins with an idea or a question. But it is always about observing and exploring. My work is usually rich in colour and is more towards an impressionist style than realist. My artworks are inspired by my experiences. Roads I have travelled, people I have met, gardens and gifts. A South Australian, living near the coast, my work often reflects the influence of Place.
Some of my work can be seen on my instagram account : bernadetteartworks

Beautiful and interesting things to paint can be right in front of you. It’s a matter of properly seeing. Painting what is local or familiar to you can be immensely enjoyable.
In this course I will help people choose from photos they have taken near or around their home to compose an interesting painting. Discussion around the elements of good composition will be part of this. Reading the shapes and tones of an image you are working from rather than getting stuck on every detail, will usually help produce a pleasing work.

To enrol in Bernadette Woodward: Painting Local – Oils and Acrylics: M1, please contact the tutor liaison.

Sue Ward



6 Feb 2023
10am - 12.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$90 Members; $135 Non-Members

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What to bring:
1 Photos you have taken. A coloured image on your phone is ok as a backup but as this format is too small to work from well, print A4 black and white images. Bring at least three images to choose possibly work from. Not every good photo makes a good painting.
2 Drawing pencils, paper, Drawing is an excellent way to focus your observations as well as nut out your composition.
3 Painting kit and canvas
Ideally your paints should include a warm and cool red, yellow and blue, for example..
* Cadmium red, alizarin red
* Cadmium yellow and lemon yellow
* Ultramarine blue and cerulean blue
* White
* And burnt umber or black
But bring whatever you have
4 Palette, Painting medium, odourless solvent, brushes, rags etc