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Portraits Using a Pallet Knife – W5 with Lisa Ingerson

This is a 6 week course.


I am an artist with a passionate interest in painting large, bold people focused works using various styles to explore feelings. As well as being an artist I am also a registered nurse. I have won numerous awards for my portraits. To see more visit www.lisaingerson.com

Course Description
Come and play and experiment and learn how to love the palette knife. We will have a lively artistic journey together.

Course Materials
– A size 3 palette knife
– Small brush and large brush to use for undercoat
– Oil paints plus one acrylic for undercoat plus willow charcoal to draw
– Scraps of canvas for a couple of practices
– A canvas to paint on and a photo of a person you want to paint
– Material scraps to clean the palette knife
– Small brushes size 1 and 2 for eye detail.

Course Schedule

The first class will be a still life study of fruit to familiarize you with using the pallet knife. Use a small canvas or board. The next 5 classes will be a portrait using whatever size canvas you wish.

To enrol in Portraits Using a Pallet Knife – W5, please contact the tutor liaison.

Sue Ward



14 Aug 2024
7pm - 9.30pm


St Matthews Homes’ Activities Hall
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$135 members; $180 non-members

Additional information

Website: http://www.lisaingerson.com/